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Kristijan Filipović biography
Kristijan Filipović Milić od Mačve i Kristijan Filipović
He was born on February 12th, 1988 in Leskovac. He showed tendency towards, colors and brushes since early childhood.From the age of five, he began to draw with markers, colored pencils and later water-colors and tempera.H e progressed so fast and famous Leskovac painters advised him to start painting in oil.
He had seven individual exhibitions.
Wishing to make progress in painting, he entered the High School of Art in Niš in 2004 which je graduated with highest marks.
After high school under certain circumstances he could not enter to college immediately, but he did it in 2013. He is currently on fourth year at Art Academy. He had participated in many art colonies and gave his paintings on auctions for charity.
Kristijan Filipović
Early works
Kristijan Filipović
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